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Wamego: Making Movies Anywhere

Title : Wamego: Making Movies Anywhere
Release : 2004
Stars : Karen Black, Susan Traylor, Mike Patton,
Ddirector : Susan Sarandon,
Genre : Documentary

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I was at a private screening of Firecracker early this week. I have comments about it posted on that listing. After viewing it, I was curious about the documentary so borrowed one from a friend and watched it last night.The first observation isn’t about the DVD but about the fact that Steve Balderson seems to generate either praise bordering on adulation, or criticism that reminds me of total denigration. There sure doesn’t seem to be a middle ground for the opinions about this guy and his work.I found Wamego: Making Movies Anywhere to be inspiring. Sure, it is self-indulgent. After all, they made it about themselves, so I doubt any family would deliberately shoot and edit a film that revealed huge flaws, particularly when the objective is to promote their feature film. At least that is what my friend told me… that the documentary was designed to go on a DVD of Firecracker when and if it is ever released as such.Anyway, as I said, Wamego inspired me. While I’m an independent film nut (see screen name) I have always wanted to open a coffee house/café. But I’ve always let one thing or another convince me it was a bad idea. And in the process all that has really happened is that I’ve gotten older and still haven’t pursued my dream. After watching Wamego last night, I’ve decided it is now or never.I wish there were more to the documentary, like steps and such, but somehow I’m going to figure out how to move forward pursuing my dream as determinedly as the Baldersons pursued theirs.You see, I think the real message of Wamego isn’t about making an independent film. It’s about determination… utter and pure dogged determination. It’s about refusing to accept the premise that “You can’t…” It’s about figuring out a way, no matter what the obstacles are. I don’t know this family, but my friend does, and he tells me they are pretty genuinely fond of each other. Maybe that is a message too.At any rate, I enjoyed the doc and intend to watch it every time I get bogged down in all the reasons why my dreams will never come true. By God, they can come true!

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